Resume advice and actionable feedback


A resume is something almost every job seeker needs, but most of us struggle to write and maintain a resume that accurately captures our skills and accomplishments. Often we have friends or family take a look at our resumes for us, but sometimes you need a professional set of eyes on your resume to help you make the best impression on a potential employer. We all could benefit from a review of our resume at any point: while actively looking for your next role, after making updates, or simply to check in and make sure your resume is ready to go before the next opportunity comes up.

What To Expect:

Resume review begins once you purchase and submit your resume via email. You’ll receive a detailed resume review via email within 7 business days of receiving your resume.

Review components:

  • Feedback on the portions on your resume that you should retain

  • Actionable feedback on areas for improvement

  • Tips on resume structure and format

  • Additional Q&A

Investment: $50